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Слоняясь по сети наткнулась на такой вот замечательный пост:

"The December Revolution begins in a bloodbath as Nicholas I is killed by a group of grenadiers led by Peter Kakhovsky, while the other Decembrists lead 3.000 troops to the Senate Square and begin to chant "Constantine and Constitution!" Hearing of the Tsar's death, Prince Sergei Trubetskoy arrives at the square and is acclaimed by the troops as "dictator".

In a dramatic scene, Count Miloradovich, the military governor of Saint Petersburg and hero of the Napoleonic Wars, arrives on the scene. The troops grow silent in the presence of the count, who is quite popular among the troops. In the eerie quiet, Prince Trubetskoy rides up to him and the two confer alone for ten minutes. The two nobles then ride to the front of the gathered soldiers.

Trubetskoy points to Count Miloradovich and shouts, "Here is your dictator!" The troops spontaneously burst into cheers. Liberalism, such as it is in Russia, has its first victory, but only time will tell whether it is an ephemeral triumph or the beginning of a new era."
И я такая ВТФ? Срыв покровов? Фанфики? Неужто фанфики?

Спустя некоторое время, до меня все таки дошло. что это форум альтернативной истории (что кстати было написано большими буквами наверху страницы). Интересненько, очень интересненько. Они все там упопроты

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